Dr. Irvin's Publications


Editorial Positions

Ad Hoc reviewer for: Experimental Neurology, Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy, Neurobiology of Disease, Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, NeuroImage, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), PloS ONE. 

Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Kinoshita Y, Jarell AD, Flaman JM, Foltz G, Schuster J, Sopher BL, Irvin DK, Kanning K, Kornblum HI, Nelson PS, Hieter P, Morrison RS. Pescadillo, a novel  cell cycle regulatory protein abnormally expressed in malignant cells. 2001 Journal of Biological Chemistry 276(9): 6656-65.
2. Irvin DK, Zurcher SD, Nguyen T, Weinmaster G, Kornblum HI. Expression patterns of Notch1, Notch2, and Notch3 suggest multiple functional roles for the Notch-DSL signaling system during brain development. 2001 Journal of Comparative Neurology 436(2): 167-81.  
3. Dhaka A, Costa RM, Hu H, Irvin DK, Patel A, Kornblum HI, Silva AJ, O'Dell TJ, Colicelli J. The RAS effector RIN1 modulates the formation of aversive memories. 2002 Journal of Neuroscience 23(3):748-57.
4. Irvin DK, Dhaka A, Hicks C, Weinmaster G, Kornblum HI. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors governing cell fate in cortical progenitor cultures. 2003 Developmental Neuroscience 25(2-4):162-72.
5. Easterday MC, Dougherty JD, Jackson RL, Ou J, Nakano I, Paucar AA, Roobini B, Dianati M, Irvin DK, Weissman IL, Terskikh AV, Geschwind DH, Kornblum HI. Neural progenitor genes. Germinal zone expression and analysis of genetic overlap in stem cell populations. 2003 Developmental Biology 264(2): 309-22.  
6. Irvin DK, Nakano I, Paucar AA, Kornblum HI. Patterns of Jagged1, Jagged2, Delta-like 1 and Delta-like 3 expression during late embryonic and postnatal brain development suggests multiple functional roles in progenitors and differentiated cells. 2004 Journal of Neuroscience Research 75(3): 330-4
7. Irvin DK, Yuan X, Tunici P, Yu JS.  Neural Stem Cells – A Promising Potential Therapy for Brain Tumors. 2006 Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy.  
8. Tunici P, Irvin DK, Liu G, Yuan X, Zhaohui Z, Ng H, Yu J, Brain Tumor Stem Cells: New Targets for Clinical Treatments. Neurosurgical Focus 20(4) E27, 2006.
9. Andersson E, Irvin DK, Ahlsiö J  Parmar M. Ngn2 and Nurr1 act in synergy to induce midbrain dopaminergic neurons from expanded neural stem and progenitor cells. Experimental Cell Research. Apr 1; 313(6):1172-80
10. Liu G, Yuan X, Zeng Z, Tunici P, Ng H, Abdulkadir IR, Lu L, Irvin DK, Black KL, Yu JS. Analysis of gene expression and chemoresistance of CD133+ cancer stem cells in glioblastoma. 2006 Molecular Cancer. Dec 2; 5:67.
11. Hu J, Yuan X, Ko MK, Yin D, Sacapano MR, Wang X, Konda BM, Espinoza A, Prosolovich K, Ong JM, Irvin DK, Black KL. Calcium-activated potassium channels mediated blood-brain tumor barrier opening in a rat metastatic brain tumor model. 2007 Molecular Cancer. Mar 14;6:22.
12. *Ghods-Jourabchi A, *Irvin DK, Gentao Liu G, Abdulkadir I, Yuan X, Tunici P, Wachsmann-Hogi S, Konda B, Black  K,  Yu J, Spheres Isolated from 9L Gliosarcoma Rat Cell Line Possess Chemoresistant and Aggressive Cancer Stem-Like Cells. 2007 Stem Cells Jul;25(7):1645-53  
13. Yin D, Wang X, Konda B, Ong J, Hu J, Sacapano M, Ko M, Espinoza A, Irvin DK, Shu Y, Black K.  Increase in Brain Tumor Permeability in Glioma-bearing Rats with Nitric Oxide Donors. 2008 Clinical Cancer Research, Jun 15;14(12):4002-9.
14. Irvin DK, Thompson L, Kirik D, Björklund A In Vivo Gene Delivery to Endogenous Striatal Progenitors Generated by a 6-hydroxydopamine Lesion of the Nigrostriatal Dopamine Pathway. 2008 Neurobiology of Disease. Jun; 30(3):343-52 (Selected as Cover Article).
15. Black K, Yin D, Ong J, Hu J, Konda B, Wang X, Ko M, Bayan J, Sacapano M, Espinoza A, Irvin DK, Shu Y. Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors Enhance Tumor Permeability and Efficacy of Chemotherapy in a Rat Brain Tumor Model, 2008 Brain Research, Sept. 1230:290-302.
16. Black K, Yin D, Konda B, Wang X, Hu J, Ko M, Bayan J, Sacapano M, Espinoza A, Ong J, Irvin D, Shu Y, Different Effects of KCa and KATP Agonists on Brain Tumor Permeability between Syngeneic and Allogeneic Rat Models. 2008, Brain Research Aug 28;1227:198-206 (Selected as Cover Article).  
17. Wheeler C, Black K, Liu G, Wagenberg M, Zhang X, Pepkowitz S, Goldfinger D, Ng H, Irvin DK, Yu J. Vaccination with tumor lysate-pulsed dendritic cells elicits correlated immune and clinical response magnitudes in patients with glioblastoma multiforme. 2008 Cancer Research, Jul 15;68 (14):5955-64.
18. Irvin DK, Jouanneau E, Duvall G, Zhang X, Zhai y, Sarayba D, Seksenyan A, Panwar A, Black KL, Wheeler CJ. T cell activity promotes stem-like properties, but not malignancy, in gliomas. 2010, PlosOne, Jun 7;5(6):e10974.  
19. Patil C, Yi A, Elramsisy A, Hu J, Mukherjee D, Irvin D, Yu J, Bannykh S, Black K, Nuño M. Prognosis of Patients with Multifocal Glioblastoma: A Case-Controlled Study. March 2012.  Journal of Neurosurgery
20. Wheeler C, Wu H, Sarayba D, Gragg A, Siegel E, Thomas D, Andres E, Thompson K, Black KL, Pechnick P, Irvin D, T-lymphocytes influence behavioral deficits in the 6-OHDA unilateral lesion model for Parkinson’s disease. In Submission, Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology.  
21. Jouanneau, E., Black, K.L., Veiga, L., Goverdhana, S., Gragg, A., Zandian, M., Zhai, Y., Zhang, X-x., Mardiros, A., Wang, H.-Q., Panwar, A., Irvin, D., and Wheeler, C. J. Surface de-sialylation associated with CD103 expression and recent thymic emigration controls beneficial responsiveness to tumor antigen in glioma hosts. In Submission, Clinical Cancer Research.
22. Miyamoto S, Retana L, Soobiah V, Rentsendorj A, Phuphanich S, Rudnick J, Black K, Irvin DK, Temozolomide promotes immunoresistance in surviving glioma cells via Stat3 activation and subsequent B7-H1 and B7-H4 upregulation. In Submission, PlosOne.  

Book Chapter

The Textbook of Nanoneurosurgery, 2013 Edited by: Babak Kateb & John D. Heiss, Immune Based Targeting in Cancer Dwain K. Irvin, Chirag Patil, Keith Black. ISBN-10: 1439849412. 

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